Partial Product Listing

clean room filtrationCritical Environments

When applying solutions for air quality and controls in hospitals and labs, our associates have extensive experience in supporting your application. Whether considering safety in laboratories or limiting facility spread infections in healthcare environments, our systems protect the health and safety of their occupants. Kannapell Associates provides the design assistance and products to support your critical environments.

  • Laboratory Controls
  • Ultraclean Laminar Flow systems
  • HEPA Filtration Systems
  • Hospital Room Pressure Controls
  • Odor Control Systems
  • Fume Hood, Bio Safety Cabinet Controls
  • Laminar/Uni directional Flow Diffusers

commercial air filtrationCommercial

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can stem from indoor and outdoor sources including gaseous contaminants, particulates, automotive exhaust fumes, odor complaints, amongst others. Our experience in assessing, controlling and monitoring your commercial environment, while considering the latest guidelines and standards, will help assure the comfort and safety of the occupants. Our company has been solving IAQ problems for over 20 years.

  • HVAC Air Filters (all types) Housings and Equipment
  • Air Purification Systems
  • Custom Air Filter Housings
  • Gas-Phase Filtration, Housings & Equipment
  • Automatic Roll Filter Systems
  • Odor Control Filters
  • Gas Detection systems Co/NO2, etc.
  • Wireless Garage Ventilation Systems/Sensors
  • Corrosive Air Systems
  • Positive Pressure Filtration Systems
  • Compressor Intake Filtration
  • Sewer Odor & Vent Pipe Odor Control
  • Containment Filtration Systems

air quality monitoringClean Room

When looking for clean room air quality control and monitoring, designers and facility managers turn to us for application assistance and product selection. Our experience in controlling airborne molecular contamination (AMC) as well as particulate contamination helps facilities improve process success rates. Contact Kannapell Associates to support your clean room air quality control.

  • Terminal HEPA Filters
  • Differential Pressure Monitors
  • Laminar Flow Diffusers
  • Fan Filter Units
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination, Assessment/Control/Monitoring
  • Data logging

clean air solutionsPreservation

We have provided clean air solutions to museums and archives for over two decades. As Purafil representatives, we provide air purification systems that remove gaseous and particulate contaminants to safeguard and preserve artifacts. Purafil gas-phase air filtration systems eliminate gaseous pollutants which lead to the deterioration of artifacts. Controlling airborne pollutants is essential to maintaining adequate indoor air quality (IAQ) in museums and archives. Contact Kannapell Associates to assist with your preservation environment.

  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Museum, Archive Artifact Protection
  • Gas Phase Filtration Housings & Equipment
  • Real Time Monitors
  • Technical Services
  • Purafil MediaPak Modules
  • Corrosion Classification Coupons