ASHRAE 52.2 - 2007 - Updated Filter Standard
ASHRAE 52-2 Explained
Filter Efficiency Guide
European Filter Efficiency Classes (EN779, En1882)
Effects of Resistance on Airflow
Automotive Exhaust Fumes - The Use of Purafil Media
Protecting Building Occupants against Anthrax
IAQ in Commercial Buildings

Filter Efficiency Health Care Central Ventilation
Healthcare Guidelines & Standards, HVAC Controls
Room Pressure Solutions - Health Care Facilities
NIH, Effects of OR Geometry & Ventilation System Preimeter Variations on the protection of the Surgical Suite

NIH, Comparison or OR Ventilation Systems in the Protection of the Surgical Suite
IAQ in Healthcare
USP 797 Summary

Laboratory Design Handbook
Laboratory Guidelines and Standards
Laboratory Ventilation Control Solutions
Labs 21, Low Pressure Drop Design
Labs 21, Design Guide - Room Pressure
IAQ In-Vitro Fertilization Labs

Clean Room Cleanliness Levels
AMC Control in Semiconductor Facilities
Applications of AMC
CRI, 503 GelSeal Terminal Diffuser
CRI, 409 SAM MicroSound Gel Seal
CRI, 451 Sheet Rock Adaptor Options
CRI, 101 Legend Cleanroom Systems
CRI, 309 Gasket Style 2 in. Heavy Duty T-Grid
CRI, 313 Gasket Style 2 in. Heavy Duty Suspension Hardware

Practical Applications of Reactivity Monitoring or in Museums and Archives
IAQ in Museums and Archives
Air Quality Monitoring at Historic Sites
Advisory Guideline Air Quality Archives - The Hague
Environmental Control for Museums/Archives, TB-600